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MP DANCE academy WAS ESTABLISHED IN 2014, WHERE IT SPENT ITS FIRST 10 YEARS AS MICHAELA POULTON SCHOOL OF DANCE. WE ARE an inviting dance SCHOOL conveniently located just 5 minutes outside of Exeter in Rockbeare, Cranbrook (East Devon) and Tiverton. At our school, we are dedicated to providing exceptional training for children of all ages. Our mission is to help students become more self-aware, nurturing their skills, abilities, interests, and values. We strive to create a supportive and joyful environment where students can flourish, develop life skills, and unleash their creativity, fostering a strong connection between the arts and home life. Whether it's Ballet, Funky MOVERS or Musical Theatre, each class offers an enriching experience, promoting self-discipline, self-confidence, and, most importantly, a lifetime of enjoyment and fun.

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Miss Kayla - Principle

Miss Louise - Senior Coach

Miss Jasmine - Coach

Miss Jackie - Coach





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Marsh Green Village Hall

  • Private Lessons – 4.00 – 6.30pm.

Friday: - coming soon


  • Funky Movers (AGED 3-6) - 4.00 - 4.45
  • jUNIOR sTREET JAZZ (aGED 7-9) - 4.45 - 5.45
  • TRICKS (AGED 7+) 5.45 - 6.15
  • SENIOR STREET JAZZ (AGED 9-16) 6.15-7.15


Rockbeare Village Hall, Rockbeare

  • Pre-Primary Ballet (ages 3-5) – 9.00 – 9.45am.
  • Primary Ballet (ages 5-6) – 9.45 – 10.30am.

Blundell’s Pre Prep School, Tiverton

  • Pre-Primary Ballet (ages 3-5) – 9.00 – 9.45am.
  • Funky movers (ages 5-6) – 9.45 – 10.30am.
  • primary ballet (ages 5-6) - 10.30-11.15am.
  • grade 1 ballet (ages 6-7) - 11.15-12.00pm.

Available for parties and private tuition


Available for parties and private tuition


Rockbeare Village Hall, Rockbeare

  • Funky Movers (ages 3-8) – 4.00 – 4.45pm.
  • Junior Musical Theatre (ages 4-8) – 4.45 – 5.45pm.
  • Senior Musical Theatre (ages 9 – 16) – 5.45 – 6.45pm.


Rockbeare Village Hall, Rockbeare

  • Private Lesson 4.00-4.45pm.
  • Pre Primary Ballet (ages 5-6) – 4.45-5.30pm.
  • Grade 1 Ballet (ages 6-7) – 5.30-6.15pm.
  • Grade 2 Ballet (ages 7-8) – 6.15-7.00pm.
  • Grade 4 Ballet (ages 9-11) – 7.00-7.45pm.

Blundell’s Pre Prep School, Tiverton

  • Ballet and Jazz Classes ( ages 4-11 ) – 12.00-5.30pm.


Cranbrook Education Campus, Cranbrook

Studio 1:

  • Private Lesson – 4.30-5.00pm.
  • Grade 3 Ballet (ages 8-9) – 5.00 – 5.45pm
  • Grade 5 Ballet (ages 13+) – 5.45 – 6.30pm.
  • Beginners point – 6.30 – 6.45pm.

Studio 2:

  • Private Lessons – 4.30 – 6.45pm.

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what our families say...

I absolutely love Michaela poulton school of dance! My daughter started dancing with you as a very shy and a cautious 3year old and she has absolutely flourished. She loves going to her ballet lessons and she is now preparing to perform a solo routine in a festival! My daughter has been taught by several different teachers and always comes home with a smile. If you are in any doubt about joining, this is a great dance school and they really care about their dance family and all who are within it. Thank you Miss Kayla and your lovely team.

- helen way

I Our daughter loves coming to ballet each week and always has fun, whilst also learning. She has dyspraxia but Kayla has always been really helpful and our daughter doesn’t feel out of place or different. So thank you to everyone at MPSD

- ailish field

Our daughter has attended Michaela Poulton School of Dance for a few years now and goes to musical theatre and ballet classes. She has really thrived and continuing to do so not just in her talent but also her confidence. This dance school is amazing with caring, nurturing, professional and fun teachers. They do not just provide a dance school but a safe and loving community for the children and their families. There has not been one negative regarding the school and the teachers they greet you and your child/ren with great big smiles and accept you for who you are. Whereas, other dance schools are not so accepting! Each child that comes out of class comes out with a beaming happy face. In our daughters words… “Miss Kayla is caring, kind, funny and the best”.

We can’t thank Michaela poulton school of dance and their teachers enough for accepting our daughter and putting every effort into her to support her with her beautiful talents and growing confidence.

You’re all amazing and we love you!

- roxanne newberry


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rockbeare village hall

cranbrook education campus

blundell’s pre prep school

marsh green village hall


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